Excellent fit for comfort sensitivity and safety
High anti tear properties

latex gloves


Disposable Latex Gloves are commonly used to protect wearers from bacteria and viruses. These gloves are made of natural rubber and provide an excellent fit for comfort sensitivity and safety. The enhanced textured surface delivers excellent touch sensitivity and grip. High Superior resistance to cuts, tears and abrasions ensures durability.

The CDC recommends wearing disposable latex gloves when disinfecting your home and throwing them out after you’re done using them. 

Suitable for medical, dental, industrial, laboratory, etc.

As fears of the new coronavirus send prices soaring, we searched affordable purchasing options for latex gloves, order as early as possible for special pricing.


Product NameDisposable Latex Gloves
MaterialNatural rubber latex
Sizes Available S,M,L, XL
Packing method2pcs/pack
25packs/box or
nitrile gloves specification

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As the confirmed cases of convid-19 rises globally, all gloves and protective personal equipment are facing a desperate shortage. We have tapped into our national health supplier network in China and make available high-quality disposable face masks, KN95 rated masks, N95 masks, disposable isolation clothing and googles at the most reasonable price possible.

We received our first shipment of disposable gloves, KN95 masks and other personal protective equipment last week, which sold out online very quickly. We are expecting a second large inventory of masks to be available for shipment today. To meet the immediate need, we had the masks flown in on a rush basis. We have direct access to a large supplier of disposable face masks and KN95 masks and encourage organizations ordering quantities of 500,000 or more to contact us directly at [email protected] for special pricing.

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